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WHO: Kat
WHAT: 21 year old freelance writer. RPer, fanficcer, photoshop enthusiast, and multishipper.
WHERE: SD, USA. [ profile] chasmas. musebox. icons.
WHEN: Central Standard Time. GMT -5/-6 depending on daylight savings time.
WHY: Why not?

» Muselist is here. There's an open prompt post here and an open inbox post here.

» I plurk a lot and often overuse emotes, so that's a thing.

» I am very invested in certain areas of politics usually pertaining to social justice. This rambling usually shows up more on tumblr than plurk, but there is some both places. /wiggles fingers /holds up an "Ask me about my feminism!" sign

» I'm a Christian and I occasionally plurk about church things and gush about great services on plurk. If that's not your cup of tea, no biggie. Just mute it.

» I suffer from pretty bad asthma, fibromyalgia, ADHD, dysthymia, generalized anxiety disorder, and avoidant personality disorder. Most days, these things are all under control, but some days they're not and I need to vent. Any and all plurks with health venting will be labeled as such. Pls feel free to mute.

» On a more interesting note, I'm an MK and a TCK and have lots of fun stories, recipes, and bits of cultural knowledge that I will word vomit at you if ever given a chance.

» I usually try to keep fandom plurks to one a day and just shove all my linking crap in there. If there's more than one, they'll always be labeled for your muting convenience. Same goes for most other fandoms and daily RP commentary plurks.

» Red hair, freckles, tattoos, and an affinity for fire = yes please. If I'm into a fandom where there's characters that fit any of these categories you can expect me to go starry-eyed.

» Shieldmaidens, tho.

» Occasionally, I get so wrapped up in sci-fi that when I come back down to reality I boggle at the fact that space travel isn't actually a thing just anyone can do. And that makes me sad.

» Cats are the best. I have two, Merry and Pippin. They are adorable and I occasionally post pictures of them on both plurk and tumblr.

» This username isn't wholly a made up word. All of my love to whoever knows what a chasma is.

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